Private Coaching Clients

Chelsea Squires - under 30, committed to doing the work for her financial success!

Vanessa has not only taught me a considerable amount in practical financial management but has given me a great deal of confidence in self-management. She has given me insight into pillars of organization that will be long withstanding our scheduled time together, and her reflections on her own growth and career management have given me insights to my personal development as well. I would recommend her for any service that she offers, and look forward to the relationship we will develop in the future!

Karen - focused on her financial security and saving for retirement!

Thank you most sincerely for all the information you have provided. I feel more knowledgeable and empowered in making smarter financial decisions. I am excited to not be paying such high fees and be able to grow my savings in a better way. 

Tammy Plunkett - Author & Founder of Big Sky Author Services

Working with Vanessa has been empowering as well as educational. I  understand much more about my cash flow as well as my investments and  have clear goals and conscious intentions for my money moving forward.  They say that finances are a huge stressor on a marriage. I am grateful  that both my husband and I are equally as informed about our finances  and can make decisions together as a team for what works best in our  family. I highly recommend working with Vanessa. 

Cindy Drummond - Cedarglen Homes - Sales Manager, Founder of WOW! (Women Only Weekend)

I met Vanessa serendipitously (at the exact moment when I needed some financial planning advice). Vanessa was able to help me see the big picture of my finances and coached me through a series of meetings on what I needed to do to ensure my day-to-day financial decisions would have a positive impact on my retirement goals. If you have been meaning to get your finances in order, but don’t have a clue where to start, contact Vanessa sooner than later. You will be glad you did!  

Carolyn Luhning - Online Fitness Coach

Working with Vanessa has been a TOTAL game changer for not just me, but our family. I've never felt so POWERFUL and in CONTROL of our finances. I neglected money for years and now I'm fired up about being in the pole position when it comes to managing our life and dreams! Vanessa is compassionate, empowering, supportive and a wealth of knowledge. There is no way we would have come as far as we have, with the knowledge we now have, if it wasn't for her. She's totally converted me to a money conscious mama and I'm excited for what's ahead!

Amanda Pope

I contacted Vanessa looking for help in understanding my investments. To be honest I couldn't even make sense of my statements. She was able to help me understand where my money was and break down the fees that I was paying each year. We looked at other investment options together and she even assisted me in the steps on how to set up accounts and transfer funds. Today I am 100% more confident in my investments. I would highly recommend Vanessa to everyone!

Lindsay Terborg


After participating in Vanessa's Womencents Money Club, I was inspired to become more involved in my own finances. Working with Vanessa has helped me understand my options, and given me the confidence to take control of my financial future. Vanessa has helped to set me up for financial success. I highly recommend her services to everyone!

Casey Pedersen

Vanessa is great! Working with Womencents has made a huge difference in the confidence I have making life and financial decisions. I am now working from a point that has set me up for future financial success and I have all the key components in place. I have learned so many things about myself. Vanessa has been great at listening and offering advice.

Valerie Jackson - Happy Light Systems

When I heard your presentation at the Day of Fabulous in Calgary, my interest was piqued. I have done a lot of research on personal finance to help me with our family finances. I found most information did not deal with intermittent income. I'm so glad that I contacted you that day. The way your spreadsheets organize my information is very different and really helpful for clarity. The other thing I appreciate about you is how understanding and non judgemental you are, and at the same time you bring in your firm, no nonsense, no excuses persona when I argue and say but... You added practical steps to take and questions to ask. I am feeling very optimistic, and more in control. I have a clear picture of what's going on for us. This is really important to me because we are getting close to retirement. I can't thank you enough. Your education, financial experience and natural questioning mind is a unique skill set that works perfectly, and I will definitely recommend you.  

CBE Staff Association Support Staff Convention 2019


"I SO appreciated the presentation and feel like I have a really good baseline knowledge which I didn't have before. I now feel a lot more comfortable with the topic of Investing."


 Vanessa has a talent for taking a complex topic and explaining it in a straightforward, understandable and engaging way. I highly recommend this class. Lots of excellent information." 


"Awesome! I loved Vanessa's approach and openness to respond to all questions. Very informative and educational. Thank you!"


 "Very well done! Amazing information that I can use with more confidence." 


"A wonderful class! Helpful to those of us still learning and getting clarity on investing for the future."


"A very practical presentation. Very good and engaging!"

Other Seminars

Seminar for GeoWomen of Calgary, AB

"As a group of technical, high-earning-potential women, ranging from students & new grads to mid-career and beyond, we really appreciated Vanessa's approach to simplifying financial concepts in a completely independent, unbiased way.  Her no-nonsense, practical advice, backed by easy-to-understand visuals made her presentation accessible to everyone."

Seminar for Surrideo Orthodontics, Calgary, AB

"Vanessa's presentation provided useful information regarding personal finances and delivered practical knowledge and tips in a manner that was easy to understand and apply.  She is highly relatable, practical, inspiring, motivating and is an engaging speaker. Highly recommended!"

Seminar Attendees

Sandy D'Acey - Sounds Within Voice Coach
"Thank you for your passion, expertise and making it easy to understand and want to learn more!"

Sheri Beatty - Cabi Stylist
"I can see your passion! I love your story and your humour. Thank you for being here!"

Carrie Draudson
"So needed! Empowering!"


"Amazing! Wish it was longer! Super approachable, simplistic, yet informative"


"Very informative! Great points to consider and put into action."

Money Club Experiences

Zubina Cassam

"Vanessa is a great coach and teacher! She is incredibly passionate about ensuring her clients are educated and well-versed in all topics covered. What a great pleasure to be part of this incredible Money Club!"

Tina Varughese - Professional Speaker - President, tWorks

"Vanessa is extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. She follows up with detailed information which was very helpful. I enjoyed her "daily news reports" as it made the course relevant. She also incorporated  a wee bit of fun which I very much appreciated. Thanks Vanessa!"


"This has been a great experience! Vanessa is funny, knowledgeable and approachable. I learned a lot and feel more comfortable with investments (accounts, products, etc.), insurance and overall financial well-being. I feel more prepared for the future!"


"Really well presented. Easy to understand and follow along. Makes sure everyone has an understanding of the key questions you should be asking about your finances."


 "I really enjoyed these sessions. They inspired me to get my life in order. I loved the message regarding communication with your spouse. I am now much more proactive!" 


"Thoroughly enjoyed Vanessa as a presenter. She is knowledgeable, detailed and has great examples to share."


 "Very well organized, informative and interesting! Loved the personal stories to add some "real-life" to the discussion. I'm confident the information I'm receiving is accurate! I'd recommend Vanessa to anyone looking to become more confident in money matters!" 


"Thank you so much for all that you conveyed in your three sessions. It was very helpful and very fun. 

Your vibe and your energy made it that much more enjoyable to be a part of."

Megan MacNaughton - Graphic Designer

"I found these courses to be very informative, fun, and interactive. For the amount of time we had together, we learned a lot without feeling overwhelmed with info. We all had time to ask questions and give feedback, and even though everyone in my group may have had different interests, it still felt beneficial to us all.


I feel this course has helped me improve my personal finance situation, and has given me the confidence to know what I'm talking about, and to continue to learn more!"