Womencents Offerings


What does Womencents do?

Womencents Inc. offers Financial Education and Coaching services to clients who are ready to gain control of their financial lives. I am focused on helping women and couples understand their current financial position and feel confident in making effective financial decisions for themselves and their families.  

Womencents offers Financial Coaching, Educational Seminars and Money Clubs.  Materials are presented in a fun and engaging way that women want to learn! This is all done in a non-intimidating and non-judgemental atmosphere allowing all women to feel comfortable while expanding their financial knowledge.

The mission of all Womencents Programs is to: "Empower Women Through Financial Confidence"

Who are the Womencents Programs for?

All women. Women of any age, financial knowledge or relationship status (single, married or divorced) benefit from increased financial awareness, knowledge and confidence. Important for the life you want to live today and preparing for the future. 

Often  we are not aware of how the decisions we make or a lack of attention to certain areas of our finances is negatively impacting our overall financial health. Ability to make improvements, which can be relatively small, can have significant positive impact on our lives today and compounded into the future.

Women face significant financial risk if they do not take responsibility for their finances. Understanding the management of money, investing, how to control debt and what the major risks are to their family's household is important. Divorce rates are high, with "grey divorces" on the rise (those over 50). Illness or death of a spouse can also leave a woman and their family in a very difficult situation. Womencents hopes to prevent these types of situations by preparing women before a major life challenge and helping them to live their best life, no matter what their circumstances.

Building Financial Strength

Founder, Vanessa Stockbrugger, discussing the "4 E's" that we need to build our financial strength and the key first step we must complete to move forward with power and control in our financial lives.

Financial Coaching

Speaker on Money Matters


Engage and energize participants to take action when they realize just how important having a money strategy is. I cover the steps and tools to use along the way.


Concise information, outlining the key areas we need to focus on to ensure a good understanding of our financial situation.


Clear action steps to implement decrease feelings of overwhelm around money. Awareness and understanding of different strategies gives options to choose those that are the right fit for us.

Reduces Stress

Financial stress is a significant burden many Canadians feel. Participants will feel more confident and empowered to handle their finances through the direct financial knowledge gained in the presentation. They will feel more secure knowing they have the ability to make financial decisions which lowers stress and increases their productivity.

Concise and Straight-Forward Content

Financial assets (RRSPs, TFSAs, investment products), how to invest, debt management, credit scores,  insurance products, estate planning, classifying spending, budgeting, saving, goal setting and how best to prepare for major life events are just some of the topics covered.

Specifically Tailored to your Group

Learn more about a seminar for your office or workplace, social  group, Mom's group, wellness retreat, exercise group or any other group  you are a part of! Length of the presentation, size of the group and  location can be accommodated. Great service offering to employees or clients. 

Money Clubs & Courses

Who Should Join a Womencents Money Club?


  Women who would like to:

  • Have a greater understanding of  their finances and money
  • Feel more confident when making financial decisions
  • Understand the financial concepts that are most important for every woman to know
  • Have financial material provided to them in a simple, concise and effective manner that is relevant and engaging for women
  • Learn in a non-intimidating and non-judgemental atmosphere with absolutely no sales pressure  

Money Club Structure


  • Each club typically has 8 or more women 
  • Clubs are most often created by the women themselves with friends, co-workers or other social circles
  • 3 sessions; 2 hours each
  • Sessions are usually every 1 - 2 weeks, depending on the group's availability
  • Morning, afternoon or evening times available based on group preference
  • Participants take turns hosting, providing a relaxed and fun atmosphere! If preferred, an alternative location can be arranged.

Important Financial Topics Covered


  • Investing
  • Saving
  • Debt
  • Spending
  • Income
  • Goal Setting 
  • Money Mindset
  • Impact of Personality & Experiences on our decision-making
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Fraud Protection
  • Tools & Systems to reach our goals

Please contact us to learn more

The first step is to understand what your objectives are and how I may be able to help you meet them. Please email  with your inquiries and we can arrange an introductory call or meeting to best determine how my programs can help you take charge of your financial destiny!