Founder of Womencents


Vanessa Stockbrugger is the Founder of Womencents. Womencents' mission is to provide women with the opportunity to live their best life, with financial security, self-reliance and confidence.  

Vanessa is motivated to help others realize their financial goals today and for the future. Through her investment banking career, business degree and personal life experiences, Vanessa has developed a unique expertise in personal finance and on women enjoying security and independence.  


Vanessa comes from a strong family, rooted in Saskatchewan, where she grew up on a family farm. When she was seven years old, tragedy struck her family which forever changed how her family would move forward. The sudden loss of her father taught Vanessa the importance of women being independent and having the financial confidence to make important decisions. Her mother's tremendous determination and strength to continue to raise her family on the farm, as a single parent with four young children, is what inspires Vanessa today. Vanessa, through the Womencents programs she has developed, strives to motivate and educate other women to ensure they have a strong understanding of their household finances.  

Vanessa holds a Business Administration Degree with Great Distinction, majoring in Finance. Vanessa spent a decade of her career as an Investment Banker at a major Canadian Bank. As a Vice President and Director, she was responsible for helping her clients make important strategic and financial decisions to add value through merger and acquisition transactions as well as equity and debt financings.  

She lives with her husband and two young (yet financially astute) daughters in Calgary, Alberta.  

Determine your own financial destiny!

"I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become." 

- Carl Jung