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Financial Education and Coaching through Seminars, Money Clubs and Private Coaching

Powerful financial learning, targeted to the questions women have and what women really need to know.

Knowledge that Empowers Women

Having knowledge and confidence helps women make effective financial decisions for a better life today and a more secure future.

Independent, Unbiased, Valuable

Womencents does not sell financial or insurance products. Information is unbiased and independent.

Importance of Financial Power

Meet the Founder of Womencents, Vanessa Stockbrugger, as she talks about the importance of women having control over their financial lives and why she started a financial education and coaching company to help more women do just that. 

Financial Power is just the beginning...

Testimonial from Grace Le, MD - Private Coaching Client

 "When I first reached out to seek your expertise, it felt like it was the thing I needed to do. Through this process I have found support, clarity and a clear sense of self-worth. This was honestly even better than money I could have spent on counseling therapy. It was what I needed to finally develop the confidence, strength and skills I needed to navigate the rest of my path in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been a fantastic journey." 

Why Womencents

Clear answers to your financial questions

No need to feel intimated. Whether it relates to saving, investments, debt, budgeting, insurance or estate planning, get the information you need, without judgement or insecurity about your level of financial knowledge. The information we provide is unbiased as Womencents does not sell financial or insurance products, so our only goal is your best interests.

Create the life you want to live today and for the future

Having financial power and control provides opportunities for our lives today and in the future. This not only means we make more effective day-to-day financial decisions, but also that we can make choices to live our best life. We can say "yes" to opportunities and have increased ability to follow our dreams. 

Goals without a plan are just good intentions

We like to feel organized and prepared, including in our financial lives. Trying to get there on our own can feel overwhelming. We need clear steps to follow and a plan we understand. Together, we work through a plan based on your specific needs and you will feel a sense of accomplishment immediately through the clarity that is gained. Once the system is in place, we simply need to maintain it.

It is your financial responsibility

You do not need to personally carry out every financial transaction for the household. You do, however, need to be aware and understand your household's financial transactions and financial position (i.e. value of assets versus debt) within the context of your household goals. Events such as divorce, illness, or death of a spouse, can put a woman's financial future at significant risk. Be prepared before you are faced with a major life challenge. Feel confident knowing you are capable of being a sole-decision maker if required.

Improve your health & well-being

The state of our financial health plays a huge part in our physical and mental health, not to mention the state of our relationships. A clear vision of our goals and how we plan to get there, lowers our stress. Lower stress makes us more productive and effective in our daily lives.

Feelings of power over our personal financial situation provides more financial satisfaction than money itself. 

Small investment, big returns

Small changes can have significant returns. Starting a disciplined savings strategy, lowering interest costs on debt, paying off debt faster, revisiting the insurance you need, are just some examples where you have potential to improve your financial position. We work through the steps together so you do not have to waste time and frustration wondering where to start. Start today to make manageable changes that have the potential for significant returns!

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